Wonderful Wind Chimes & Bells

This weekend, my family and I picked up the keys to our brand new apartment which means I’m SUPER excited to get decorating. The apartment happens to have a cute little porch on the back of the lower level, shaded, breezy — a perfect place to sip my morning coffee, of course!

One thing I’d like to have on my new little porch is a wind chime — for catching those gorgeous breezes off of Lake Ontario. My mother always had a collection of wind chimes and bells in her gardens and the sounds of them make me feel like I’m at home.

Here are a few I’m considering! Take a peek!

Wonderful Wind Chimes & Bells

1. Woodland Imports Metal Boat Wind Chime | 2. Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Wind Chime | 3. Spiky Owl Chime | 4. October Hill Bird House Garden Bell | 5. Woodland Imports Metal Wind Bell