Moms, You Are Not Alone.

I felt very alone today.

It was the first day of middle school for my oldest son, so morning preparation was crazy.

The youngest wouldn’t use the potty and didn’t want to cooperate.

The car wouldn’t start.

It was one of those days as a mom that make you wonder how you keep your sanity – how you stay strong and get the job done regardless of the obstacles.

Somehow, we managed to walk (while I was carrying my 40 pound youngest son) in the 90 degree weather all the way to middle school. In the midst of heavy traffic. No makeup. With a screaming 3 year-old.

I felt guilt inside my gut that instead of a warm pep talk from his supportive mom, my oldest received a “Hurry, run, you’ll be late!”

It was just one of those days.

It made me think, though. How do we do it everyday?

We give so much.  We eat last.  We clean up the messes.  Our nails are never done and hair appointments keep getting rescheduled.

We are moms.

I started this blog three years ago because I felt alone.  I soon found out that I wasn’t.

I’m not the only mom who has hectic days and wishes she could curl up in a ball and cry.

I’m not the only mom stays up all night with a sick child and has to keep going the next day.

No, I’m not alone.

You are not either.

My oldest made this art the other day and when I saw it today, it reminded me that this crazy ride includes crazy rewards.  Rewards you cannot find anywhere else in life.

It wasn’t a mistake that I saw this art today when I was feeling  down.  A tree.  With fruit.

Our work may sometimes go unnoticed, but it’s not in vain.

Moms, you are not alone. Stay strong.