My Favorite Summer Moments

What is it that makes summer so special?  When you’re a kid, summer means no school, lots of swimming, and sleeping in late.  When you think about it, it really isn’t any different when you become an adult, is it?  We get a break from our children’s homework, too, and like to take part in the summer fun just as much.  Yeah, we don’t get to sleep in late, but we do get a itty bitty break and that counts for something.

So, what are some of my favorite summer moments?



One of my favorite summer activities is hosting barbecue parties with friends and family.  Not only do we grill yummy food, but the kids can run around outside and play in a shallow pool or slip ‘n slide.  The kids get to exert that “cooped up in the house” steam and the adults get time to chat.  Win/win.


The Fourth of July is a special holiday to me, not only because of the celebration of America’s independence, but I get to take my older son to see fireworks-just the two of us.  We have a tradition of stopping by a fast food joint, picking up some french fries and a soda, then camping out to watch the fireworks show.


Summers are fun, but they are HOT.  We’re always trying to find ways to stay cool while we play outside, so we have lots of Popsicles® and ice cream stocked in the freezer.  We recently reviewed the Popsicle® Jolly Rancher and Dora the Explorer™ Slow Melt ice pops (see full review HERE), and they are now our favs to eat on the back patio when it’s scorching outside.  A must, for sure.