My Favorite Things: Part 1

I think we have finally gotten into the groove of school, although it hasn’t been easy. With two kids at two different schools on two different schedules, my weekday afternoons have been mostly spent in the car. Yeah.

Anywho, I wanted to share a few of my most recent favorite things in this new “My Favorite Things” series. (can’t you just hear Julie Andrews voice right now?) Enjoy.

free people.

Dudes, seriously, where has this clothing line been all the my life? Expensive, yes, but EXACTLY my style and I can’t seem to stop browsing. Or buying.

this pic of my son.

There is a story behind it. It’s hard to see, but this bridge is on top of a little hill, so he was a bit scared to walk up the hill THEN cross the bridge. I watched him muster up the courage, climb up the hill, and cross over very, very slowly. I didn’t say a word. He come up to me right after completing the task and said, “I did it. And it wasn’t even scary.” It was one of those warm, fuzzy moments where you realize you have done SOMETHING right as a parent.


I jumped on the fedora bandwagon when I snatched up this last one at Target. I haven’t yet figured out what to pair it with or how to style my hair while wearing it, but it will come.

I may have also bought a sparkly fedora that lights up, too. Maybe.

best no soliciting sign ever.

So, I needed a “no soliciting” sign to deflect the relentless door knocking and doorbell ringing creeps that have become a near daily experience for us. I found this AMAZING sign on etsy and HAD to buy it. So far, no one has tested the threat. Best $15 ever spent.

star wars t-shirt.

I picked up this comfy, oversized Star Wars t-shirt while visiting Disneyland a few days ago. Grossly overpriced, but super soft and comfy, so it’s all good.

Have a fabulous Sunday, dudes.