My Favorite Things: Part 2

The weather is beginning to cool down, which has me giddy. Brisk breezes, fall clothing and upcoming holidays means my schedule will soon become full and busy, but I love it. This time of year is my most favorite, indeed.

Here are a few of my other most favorites.

owl salt & pepper shakers.

I purchased these AMAZING owl salt and pepper shakers online, but when I received them I had no idea which shaker was for salt and which was for pepper. Naturally, I googled it and found out that there was a huge divide in answers. So, I asked my Facebook fans, who were also divided! Nonetheless, the shakers are adorable.

meyer’s dish soap.

My friend Haley told me about Meyer’s dish soap a year or so ago, so I decided to give it a try. Now I don’t buy anything else! A bit pricey for dish soap, yes, but the fragrances are nice, it washes well and looks pretty when left on the kitchen counter by the sink.


I have been an IZZE Sparkling Juice fan for several years, so I was thrilled when they reached out to me recently. They sent me the above flavors, which my family and I drank up in a couple of days. Not only are IZZE drinks delicious, but the packaging is modern and colorful, which I love.

anthropologie bubble bath.

Although I ADORE Anthropologie, I rarely purchase clothing or items unless they are on sale. I recently saw this “Grown Under Glass Bubble Bath” on sale for $19.95, so I snatched it up. The bubble bath smells divine, but I am mostly in love with the bottle itself. I have the bottle displayed on my bathroom window ledge, and each morning the sun shines through it beautifully. The bottle can be filled up with any bubble bath, too, and guess what? It’s still on sale, check it out!


I am now in the bangs club and I love them. It was a last minute decision that actually worked!