My Favorite Things: Part 3

I’m back with more of my favorite things. Enjoy!


Last week I admitted a dark secret of mine -I had never tried Nutella. So I did. And now I have a new love on toast.

pink chairs.

I visited the Target House while in Memphis a few days ago and spotted these delicious pink chairs in one of the common rooms. Want.

“b” sign.

I had been looking for the perfect “B” sign (for Bellgardt) to hang in my living room for a while now, and finally found a good match on Etsy. It is handmade, so it took a while to receive my order, but it was well worth the wait.

sparkling water with lime.

My travels to the east and west coasts over the years has brought me a new love for sparkling water. Throw a lime in it and it’s absolutely perfect.