My New Nail Color for Julep!

If you follow @MomSpark on Instagram (come say hi!) you’ve probably seen my manicure pics pop up every now and then. I adore experimenting with new colors and styles, so when the folks at Julep asked if I might put my ideas forward for a brand new color I absolutely jumped at the chance!

You might know that I’m a serious lover of boho chic (yes, I’m on Tumblr, too!), so for my personalized nail color, I had to go with a bohemian vibe. I adore the mellow blue tones that find their way into boho styles, which is where my inspiration for this nail color comes from — the sea, the sky, and those calm summer breezes that are so glorious on a hot day.

boho blues

With all of these subdued hues on my mind, I’d love to call my custom Julep nail color:

Boho Blues.

It would be incredible to see a new nail color with a combination of these blues, a sort of ombre style… perhaps with a bit of a shimmer to it? Something beautiful and just a little bit fabulous! I’m already dreaming of wearing this color!