My New Venture – Mom Spark Media

So, after many months of planning, brainstorming, and late nights, Mom Spark has officially launched Mom Spark Media.  This is my most exciting venture thus far and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

What is Mom Spark Media?

We are not a traditional media company because we offer more services than a blogger network and outreach to brands.  Our bloggers come first and because of that we not only offer brand ambassador programs, online campaigns (via blogging, social networking, video, home parties, etc.) and the like, but we offer online blogging/social networking courses and one-on-one consulting to our members.  We are also in ongoing communication with our members in our MSM forum, which connects us directly to our members.

Why we charge a fee.

Our ultimate goal is to help bloggers grow their blogs and businesses.  Biweekly, we will host courses that serve as “semesters” in our forum, with a new topic regarding blogging, social networking, business, and more every semester.  We will provide instructional videos, written content, one-on-one consultation and bring in experts during those two weeks.  It’s the cheapest college you’ll ever attend!

In addition to our courses, we also work with brands to offer our members special product review opportunities, campaigns (even paid ones), ambassador programs, sponsorships and more.  Mom Spark Media offers the tools, support and opportunities for bloggers to explore their full potential.  Our membership dues are $5/month (via subscription & cancel anytime) or $40/year.

I couldn’t have done it alone.

I have to personally thank Haley Quarles (my assistant), for her help with this project and more, Jill Berry (forum moderator) for giving our members warm welcomes, and all of my Mom Spark forum members who have served as my inspiration for Mom Spark Media.  I honestly can’t say enough to express my gratitude for all of these lovely ladies (and dudes).

Interested in joining us?

We’d love to you in either blogger or brand form.  We have lots of fun things planned and lots of creative ideas just waiting to explode.  Please visit the Mom Spark Media page HERE for more info and sign-up sheet.

Thank you for your ongoing support!