My Toilet Paper New Year’s Resolution

I like to make a variety of New Year’s resolutions. Some are strong and goal focused, like “Learn to knit” or “Run a 10K.” Some are softer and more gentle things like “Be a better person” or “Treat yourself with kindness.” I also like to include a focus on practical resolutions that I know I can carry out, like “Wear lipstick every day” and “Clean that one cabinet in the kitchen.”

My Toilet Paper New Year's Resolution

Charmin is suggesting that I also add Charmin Ultra to my New Year’s resolutions, too.

My Toilet Paper New Year's Resolution

That may seem like a strange resolution, but why not? It’s part of life!

I have to admit that with Charmin Ultra Strong and Charmin Ultra Soft, they easily fit into any of the types of resolutions I make – strong, soft, and practical. I think making a resolution to buy high-quality products for my family to use is a valid resolution. Too often, we just grab the first thing on the shelf; not paying attention to the products we buy, which can cause a lot of waste.

Many people have a preference between Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Ultra Strong and I certainly don’t want to get too graphic with you, but I like both for the different bathrooms in my house.

My Toilet Paper New Year's Resolution

For the bathroom that I use most, I prefer Charmin Ultra Soft. Charmin Ultra Soft is softer and 75% more absorbent than the leading bargain brand. You also use less Charmin Ultra soft than you would of the leading bargain brand, without any discomfort. So, using Charmin Ultra Soft is kind to me, my plumbing, and the environment. Being kind is never a bad resolution.

My Toilet Paper New Year's Resolution

In the bathroom that my kids use I like to put Charmin Ultra Strong. Charmin Ultra Strong has a washcloth-like texture that cleans better, with fewer sheets than the leading bargain brand. Making sure my kids stay clean and healthy, is also obviously a good resolution.

So, yes, for 2017 instead of making a resolution about the size of my behind, I’m going to make a resolution about being kind to my behind!

This post was sponsored, but all ideas are my own.