My Trip to Fellowes Headquarters!

When I first received the invitation to be an official “Fellowes Mom”, I was intrigued and confused.  I asked myself, “What do shredders have to do with me, or any mom for that matter?”  I honestly didn’t have a clue until I researched Fellowes shredders. It all started making sense.

Think about it – moms open mail, pay the bills, and work from home. Moms handle very important documents on a regular basis.  So, where do those important documents go when they are no longer needed?  If you said the trash can, you could be jeopardizing your family’s security.  No, I’m not being dramatic.

I arrived in Chicago on September 28 and chilled in my (very lovely) hotel room for a couple hours before our Fellowes Moms dinner.  I shot a few amazing photos from my hotel window while I waited.

At dinner, I met the Fellowes team, as well as the other Fellowes moms.  We talked a little about ourselves and the brand over a tavern-style meal. It was nice meeting the team in a casual setting before the big day.

The next morning, we headed to Fellowes headquarters located in Istaca, IL. (in a limo, no less!) At the headquarters, the team discussed several topics on the shredders including motors, duty cycle, recovery time, cut type, sheet capacity, speed and throughput.  We also went over the various features that Fellowes shredders include in their models like jam prevention, safety options, noise quality, automatic oiling and energy savings.  I had no idea Fellowes shredders were so sophisticated!

Out of all of the features demonstrated, I really loved the safety and jam prevention features best. With this patented technology, little fingers cannot make their way into the shredders and I can’t accidentally insert too many pieces of paper to jam one up. (like I have done in the past SO many times with past shredders)  Some of the models even allow you to insert an unopened letter, like junk mail, which is a major time saver. (think credit card offers!)  Having a home office and child myself, I really appreciate the thought and innovation that has gone into these shredders.

We also toured the assembly lines of Fellowes shredders, as well as Banker’s Boxes, which is another brand Fellowes carries. Fellowes actually offers several office supplies in addition to their shredders like desk organization, ergonomics, cutters, accessories and more.

Fellowes takes identity safety very seriously, so we discussed the topic in length.  I cringed at the thought of me tearing my bills in half and throwing them in the trash.  A big no-no!  Anything with your name, address, phone number, social security number, bank account number and credit numbers should be shredded. Until this trip, I didn’t realize how important and responsible having a good quality shredder at home really was.  My eyes have definitely been opened and I will not fall back into my old tear-it-up-with-my-hands habit.

My time at Fellowes was short, but I learned a great deal of information that I will be sharing with you in the coming months. I will also be giving away a Fellowes P-12C Shredder, so stay tuned!

DISCLOSURE: My trip to Chicago, including travel and accommodations was provided by Fellowes.