Organic Snacking.

Motherhood feels like a bit of guessing game sometimes, don’t you think? I can remember when my eldest was younger, I would be SO proud of the awesome lunches I’d pack up for him to take to school — only to see that about 90% of it would come home because he suddenly didn’t like the foods I packed, even though they’d previously been favorites. (I mean come on!) Have you ever had moments like that? We think we’re WAY ahead of the game and WHAM our kids throw us a hefty curveball that leaves us guessing once again!

With the back to school season on everyone’s mind, I wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve learned about packing a school lunch that your kids will not only devour, but they’ll look forward to it all day long!

Like any meal-planning, if you want your kids to eat it (especially if you have picky eaters), they need to feel like they are a part of it. When I’m on the ball and planning our dinners each week (because it just makes life SO much easier!) I always encourage my boys to share a favorite meal or two that I can incorporate. I know the family faves, but it helps them to feel like they are making a difference and like they have some say in what happens at home. This means that when Charlie asks for taco night and we have taco night — he’s eating WAY more than if I’d said “nope” and make pasta instead… even though he LOVES pasta!


This same thing works with his school lunches. Though he sometimes likes to get his grub from the cafeteria, on days when I send his lunch, I’m prepared with recipes and snacks that he’s helped me pick out so I know he’s going to love eating them.

Now, I don’t let him go to town and only put chocolate ice cream in his lunch, it’s not quite like that! I give him options that I can feel good about, and he gets to choose the ones he likes or wants to try the most — we both get a little say in what goes in his lunch box and everyone’s happy!

For instance, my Charlie loves the Organic Cheese Sandwich Crackers from Horizon and I can send them in his lunch knowing that I’m sending something wholesome and delicious for him to eat! He loves the flavor and I love that they contain 3g of protein and offer 15% of his recommended daily calcium!


Horizon wants to help families to provide their kids with snacks they love and that parents can feel great about giving them. Imagine the possibilities when our kids are fueled by the foods they love! Kids work and play so hard at school and we need to help their little bodies by giving them the nourishing food they need to succeed. Horizon snacks do more than just feed kids — they give parents the ability to nurture their kids to be the best they can be!

Try adding Horizon snacks to the lunchbox this school year! Hopefully you can check one more item off of your back to school shopping list! 🙂


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