Organization Tip: Mud Room Lockers

lockers for mud room storage

I thought my husband had finally lost his marbles when he told me what he purchased at the going-out-of-business sale at our local “Linens and Things”. He had initially gone in to buy all the “slat wall” he could get his hands on, for our garage makeover (that is a whole other story!), but when he saw this beauty in the employee break room, he immediately plunked down his credit card.

Can you believe eighty bucks for the whole thing? And with a little elbow grease (his, not mine) and some gum removal solution (ew) we had a shiny “new” storage system with endless possibilities!

There are four members of our family, so everyone gets a row across – that is three whole lockers to stuff full of the items that normally would live on the mudroom floor. The very top row and the very bottom row contain family articles that everyone needs, like, umbrellas (not really useful though here in sunny California), flashlights, thermal lunchboxes and sunscreen.

What do I keep in mine you ask? Locker #1 has 2 extra purses, winter and summer hats and a scarf. Locker two, my purse that I carry everyday – and in number three, I am able to throw keys, sunglasses, cell phone and the miscellaneous junk that accumulates on the way into the house from the garage.

The kids have spots for their backpacks, hats and water bottles. I’ve even used a couple of those 3M sticky hooks on the side for the kid’s lightweight jackets.

Anyway, I strive everyday to be more organized, and I think that someday I will get there! Just not today. PS, don’t try to look around the lockers in the photo – you would get a very scary view of my laundry room, which by the way will be coming soon to an “Organization Tip” post near you.

guest post by Abigail @ Piece of Cake