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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sales Ends SOON!

Nordstrom has everything, right? Unfortunately, I don’t have a store here in Oklahoma, so I have to shop online, BUT, with Nordstrom, I can get FREE shipping and FREE returns, so it’s no biggie. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is almost over, so make sure you...


Bikinis For Everyone!

This summer marked the first time I’d ever worn a bikini in my entire life and it was life-changing. I feel comfortable, I feel sexy, and I feel like I can hit the beach or the pool without a care in the world! If...


Alabama And BBQ. Count Me In.

If you’ve been reading Mom Spark for a while, you’ve perhaps stumbled across my Life List or at least heard me mentioned it from time to time. This list, inspired by another blogging friend, is filled with all sorts of things I’d like to...