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Care Package Ideas for College!

As I send my kids back to school this month — one in elementary and one in high school — it’s dawning on me even more that in just a few short years, I’ll only be sending one child back to school… and the...


Get Schooled: Homework Help Desk

With the kids back in the classroom and the school year getting back into full swing, many kids are already bringing home their homework to parents who are anxious about their abilities to help them out. Has this happened to you? Even if you...


Awesome Disney Tattoos

There are a lot of ways to show your love for Disney. Taking off on a cruise, heading to the amusement parks, decorating your home or your child’s bedroom — or how about a tattoo? Nothing says SERIOUS Disney fan like getting your favourite character...


Save When Shopping Online with Shopswell

If you’ve been a Mom Spark reader for a little while now, then you probably know how much I love shopping online. I love finding good deals and browsing around, especially when I’m redecorating or picking out new gadget for my kitchen. I also...