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The Art and Joy of Handwriting.

It’s amazing to think about how different the world we, as parents, grew up in, compared the world our children call their own. From the technological advances we’ve seen, especially over the last 5-10 years, to the way they are taught and the subjects...


The Importance of Cleaning First.

Are you a neat freak? I think I might be. Actually, I KNOW I am because anytime my house is in disarray I find it very hard to concentrate on anything but the idea that I SHOULD be cleaning it. This is especially telling...


Hip and Trendy Shoes Found at Payless ShoeSource

It’s hard to believe the summer’s already ½ over for many families! I feel like the weeks are flying and at this rate, it’ll soon be time to play the back to school shopping game! I don’t know if it’s all that lovely summer...

Arts and Crafts

Galaxy Painted Sneakers

  My sister and I are hard on shoes. I guess we’re almost as hard on shoes as children are! We buy white or light colored sneakers with the best of intentions and sometimes that first wear they are already jacked up. In order...