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Top 3 Rayovac Products That I Love!

...  of this special holiday, I would like to share the top 3 Rayovac products that I just LOVE.   Let's get started, shall we? ALKALINE ...  obvious, but realistically, this is what I love most about Rayovac.  Alkaline batteries can be such a...

Prepare for Winter Storms with Rayovac

...  are a staple for every winter storm kit, and fortunately Rayovac makes it affordable for all families. What all do you have in your winter storm kit?  Rayovac has several storm preparation tips and suggestions at www.rayovac.com/Learning/Storm%20Prep.aspx.  You can also learn...

“Recharge” in the New Year

...  without a hitch.  Because of this, I like to stock up on Rayovac batteries because I get more power for my money. Keep your batteries "recharged" this year, too, by keeping Rayovac batteries on hand.  You can find coupon offers from

Holiday Battery Shopping Guide from Rayovac

...  can't use it?  We definitely can't have that this year! Rayovac has created a Battery Shopping List for moms that includes the season's ...  have on hand!  As always, you can find coupon offers from Rayovac on Facebook HERE, which combined with

I Am a Rayovac Power Ambassador!

...  to tell you about a new program I am involved in with Rayovac!  It may seem crazy to be overly excited about batteries, but with a ...  the next few months, I will be learning more about the Rayovac brand and sharing...