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Forever Floral Crowns Tutorial

Floral crowns are nothing new. From beauties made from little posies picked in the yard to fancy tiaras of flowers purchased in gift shops to the many, many DIY floral crowns out there, you have to admit that there is something simply stunning about...


How to Throw the Perfect MINIONS Party!

Do your kids love Minions? Mine do. Actually, our whole family can’t get enough of those silly little yellow dudes, so over the weekend, we threw a Minions-themed bash — which turned out to be a total hit! I remember watching Despicable Me with...


Ways To Wear Flash Tattoos

Earlier this year, in Arizona, I had my first run-in with flash tattoos (aka those shiny, metallic temporary tattoos you’re seeing all over the place) when I donned a few for a party at a blogging conference. My feet have never looked so fancy!...


Ways to Security Protect Your Smartphone

Sometimes it amazes me to think how much technology has changed in the last ten years. Can you remember what your cell phone looked like in 2005? It was probably pretty basic — a clamshell or flip-phone, or a clunky rectangle that really only...