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Free Printable Morning Chore List for Kids

One thing many parents struggle with is balancing the need to get all the things done on their “to-do” list with the need to teach kids how to manage some of those tasks themselves. Obviously, it is quicker and easier in the short term to...


Carrot Cake Truffle Recipe

Is there really anything better than carrot cake with a tangy cream cheese frosting? Is there? We say no way. So, to honor the carrot cake this spring, we have put together a delicious recipe for carrot cake truffles that you are sure to...


Bohemian Feather Easter Eggs

Sometimes I have these ideas for projects in my head that don’t turn out anything like I had hoped. In fact, when spit-balling Easter ideas for Amy I mentioned this concept but then added the disclaimer that it might look tons better in my...