Personalized Jewelry from Simpli Stamped {giveaway}

I have a weakness for jewelry. Necklaces, rings, earrings – it doesn’t matter, I love it all!

I was recently approached by Simpli Stamped to review a personalized stamped piece of jewelry. Simpli Stamped jewelry consists of silver and aluminum hand stamped and hand formed jewelry that is inspired by love.

After viewing the wide selection of jewelry choices, I loved the selection of stamped rings most of all, so I decided one with with my children’s names on it.

Simpli Stamped Jewelry

I ordered a size 7 and it fit perfectly on my right ring finger. I love that the ring is smooth and does not catch on my clothing or hair, a pet peeve of mine. The letters are not perfect, which I actually really appreciate because it makes the piece unique and special.

The quality is high and has kept up its shine over the past few weeks that I have been wearing it. Throughout the day, I often look down at the ring and smile as I see my son’s names imprinted on it. I really love it!

Disclosure: I received a piece of Simpli Stamped jewelry in return for this post. Thoughts are my own.