PLANES FIRE & RESCUE: Julie Bowen “Dipper” Interview

Disclosure: Disney is sponsoring travel, accommodations and activities during my stay in Los Angeles. Thoughts are my own. 

PLANES FIRE & RESCUE: Julie Bowen "Dipper" Interview

During my visit to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I not only had the opportunity to attend a press junket for Disney’s MALEFICENT, but also PLANES FIRE & RESCUE, opening in theatres on July 18th!

During the press junket, we had the opportunity to interview the lovely Julie Bowen (from Modern Family) who plays “Dipper” in PLANES FIRE & RESCUE. Julie was an absolute joy to interview and she was SO FUNNY. Below is a portion of our interview!

Is this your first time playing an animated character?

For a movie, yes. I’m genuinely excited to show off to my children!

How was it to do animated versus Modern Family?

So different. I am not a trained voice actor. It’s just your voice, and if you aren’t getting across clearly, the humor, the message, the real sentiment, you can’t deny it.

Do you watch the film first and then voice it?

They draw it – it’s kind of like what you would imagine as far as there’s a rough sketch copy. What I see is just mostly some loose drawings in the very beginning moving around and marking the major things. Then I come back around six months later and they’ve drawn more. And the cool thing is, six months or eight months later, they’ve taken all that spouting that I did in the booth, and running around and sweating, and they incorporate it into the character. And now they’ve started to draw her – her movement and her mouth and everything to fit that. And that was very cool to see.

Are you ever with other actors in the booth or always by yourself?

No. I was always by myself, but luckily Dane Cook was done. So I could hear him, I could hear Ed Harris, I could hear everybody else.

At the end of the day did you walk away feeling different?

You know, I think when I actually get to see the whole movie it’s gonna be really exciting. I’m not very good at watching myself, but I’m okay at listening to myself. It also feels so collaborative, it doesn’t feel like I’m raising the ‘I am awesome’ flag, which always makes me cringe a little. I can look at this and go, wow, I was part of something that was so awesome so it’s easy when you’re done to embrace the whole thing.

Stay tuned for more adventures at Disneytoon Studios in the coming weeks! And, of course, make sure you check out PLANES FIRE & RESCUE on July 18th!

Disclosure: Disney is sponsoring travel, accommodations and activities during my stay in Los Angeles. Thoughts are my own.