Popsicle Jolly Rancher & Dora the Explorer Slow Melt Ice Pops Review

Having ice pops stocked in the refrigerator is a MUST during the hot, humid summers here in Oklahoma.  It is the only way to truly cool off when temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher.  The thing is, it can’t be just any ice pop, it must be Popsicle® brand!

My family was able to taste test some fun Popsicle® flavors this week that included Jolly Rancher™ ice pops and  Dora the Explorer™ Slow Melt ice pops.  The kids were just a little bit excited about this.  Okay, I was, too.

Can you really capture the flavor of a Jolly Rancher™ candy into a ice pop?  This was the question my 10-year-old son, who also happens to also be a candy expert. (according to him)  After his first taste he said, “Wow, I knew it was going to be good, but this is great!  It tastes exactly like a Jolly Rancher™!”  Need I say more?  I’ll just give you the facts.

  • At 45 calories, each pop is made with 10% fruit juice, is fat free, and provides 10% of the daily value for vitamin C per serving.
  • This 20-pack of refreshing treats includes four flavors in each pop: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape and Sour Apple.

Popsicle momspark.net

Popsicle momspark.net

I was very curious and intrigued by the “Slow Melt” concept of these Dora the Explorer™ ice pops.  I figured the perfect test would be giving my 2-year-old son one because he takes longer to eat ice pops than my oldest.  I really liked that these were smaller than traditional ice pops (perfect for little hands) and that they came in five fun shapes.  My 2-year-old became very excited when he recognized Dora on the box cover!

I was pleased that he was able to enjoy his Popsicle® with no mess!  Score for the Slow Melt!  Some facts on the Dora the Explorer™ Slow Melt ice pops below.

  • At 60 calories, each pop is made with 10% fruit juice, is fat free, has natural colors and flavors, and provides 100% of the daily value for vitamin C per serving (two ice pops).
  • On-pack information is now communicated in both English and Spanish.
  • A 20-pack includes Grape, Watermelon, Berry and Orange varieties.

Popsicle momspark.net

The Bellgardt Family gives the Popsicle® Jolly Rancher and Dora the Explorer™ Slow Melt ice pops a BIG thumbs up! A grateful thank you to Popsicle® and Mom Bloggers Club for letting us try these great flavors.  I think we have new Popsicle® favorites now!

DISCLOSURE: I am a Popsicle Brand Ambassador through a compensated Mom Bloggers Club member program. My reviews and recommendations are always honest and true.  Read Mom Spark’s full disclosure here.