Quick Meal Idea This Holiday Season!

On November 1st, I had a few errands to run, which lead me to one of the box stores around town. I walked through the front doors, and even though Halloween had taken place less than 24 hours before, the sights and smells of the holiday season were ready and waiting to greet me!

Can you believe how quickly that transition happens? We love this season, but it surprises me every year when the shops go from black and orange to red and green overnight. (I really do feel like people must come in through the night to reorganize the shops to usher us all into the next phase of the year!) It was a reminder to me, of course, that the busiest time of the year is coming — and coming soon. While I’m absolutely looking forward to just about everything holiday-esque that’s coming my way, I’m also ready and willing to start thinking about ways to save myself time, money, and energy during those days and weeks when I need it most.


Work gets hectic during the holiday season, the boys’ school commitments grow, we visit with friends and family, and of course we make time for just the four of us to be together at home to enjoy the more mellow moments of the season — decorating the Christmas tree, concocting delicious recipes in the kitchen, crafting up holiday DIYs, or giving back to the community.

Throughout all of these busy days and nights, one of the things I can definitely use a little help with is mealtime. All too often, especially during the holiday season, I find myself staring down the clock at about 5pm, wondering what the heck to make for dinner because we’ve been so busy spending time together, building snowmen, or walking through the snowy woods that we don’t even notice the time of day! I bet this happens to you too. Since there’s so much cooking and baking that happens around the holidays, I’m going to give you permission to take a break when you need it — you deserve it!


My family loves when I pop one of the Ristorante pizzas by Dr. Oetker in the oven on a chilly afternoon. They’ve come to know that the smell of that delicious crust baking up means they are in for a treat! We all have our favorite toppings and I love the thin crust and fresh-tasting ingredients in every single bite. Usually I find frozen pizzas to be incredibly BORING, but that’s just not the case with Ristorante.


They have something for everyone in their creative recipes — including Spinach (a BIG hit at our house), Quattro Formaggi for the cheese lovers, and Pepperoni Pesto — which my boys would happily gobble down any day of the week! For me? I love the Pollo and Vegetale varieties. So delicious!

These pizzas are super convenient (just bake them at 425 °F for 10 – 12 minutes) and I know they’re going to save you time and money this holiday season. Plus, your family won’t suspect they’re not homemade. I bet you could convince them you whipped it up in your “spare time”. 😉


Since the holidays are indeed upon us, I think this is the perfect time for a holiday pizza prize pack! Enter below for your chance to win a delightful assortment of kitchen accessories that will help you host your very own gourmet pizza party! Happy holidays!

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