I’m Responsible for my own voice.

I originally sat down to write this blog post about a completely different topic. I basically wanted to complain about others who, well, complain too much.  I saw the irony and turned a corner.  This is the result.

As a barely coherent stay-at-home mom of a newborn, the internet was the support system I most desperately needed three years ago.  I was immediately consumed by the support I received by moms I didn’t know.  I was also able to give in a way I never could before.  I made friends.  Long-lasting best friends, in fact.  I created a community and business.  I had no idea it would happen this way, but it did.

With every joyous experience that blogging and social media has provided for me, there always seems to be an ominous one around the corner.  I’m never surprised when such occurrences happen, as my entire life has been full of unusual ups and downs, but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle.

I’m not perfect and I honestly don’t wish to be.  Humans are meant to make mistakes and deal with the imperfect.  I do, however, try to keep my voice positive and uplifting.  Obviously, I have bad days and will sometimes share that, but you won’t hear much of that from me.  I believe I can still “keep it real” by complaining very little and keeping my cool.  In fact, it just may change more than my own mood by doing so.

I want to mentor, guide, and give something back.  I also want to learn, absorb, and be helped.  This has always been my purpose, I know in my soul, and when I found blogging it was the perfect vessel for doing so.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Uncle Ben, Spiderman

Sometimes I forget the power of my voice. I am not the only one, either, as I see it everyday in the blogosphere.  Our voices are real and special. They are unique and penetrating. How will we choose to use them?  It’s something worth analyzing.  Something I am analyzing.

When you are about to launch your next rant about something, think.  Where will this rant lead?  Is it worth the harmful vibes or possible negative words?  What is its purpose?

Even the smallest of sparks can create an inferno.  Is it worth getting burned?