I Can’t Live Without Envirosax Shopping Bags!

I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. $8 for a shopping bag, are you kidding me? With a family of six, I often have 20 bags of groceries to unload. That would be $160 for recyclable grocery bags. And that doesn’t even include groceries! There’s got to be an alternative.

Let me save you the pain. I’ve tried every alternative. I tried the bags you can get at the store for $.99, which are (I think) smaller than an actual plastic bag. I tried re-using my plastic bags from the last shopping trip. Paper, mesh, insulated – I tried them.

Envirosax Shopping Bags. They are amazing. They are made of thin (but super-strong) polyester, which means you can scrunch one up into a tiny ball and stick it in your purse and it weighs nothing. (I keep one in my purse at all times for the drugstore, bookstore… all those places where I used to get yet another plastic bag – no more!) You can throw them in the washing machine. They hold TWICE what a plastic grocery bag holds (which means I’ve reduced my load to 10 bags instead of 20). It has a nice wide handle so you can carry it on your shoulder. They are waterproof. They come in fun patterns. Have I sold you yet?

They also come in packs of 5, which, if you search around on the internet, you can usually find for a better deal than buying them individually. And trust me, if you only buy one, you will wish you bought more.

I used to cringe at the enormous pile of plastic bags left after I put away all my groceries. Even though I recycled them, I felt personally responsible for my little section of the ozone layer burning away. Going green can be expensive and I can’t always afford to go as green as I’d like. But Envirosax are one investment worth making.

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