I Can’t Live Without This Mommy Charm Necklace!

charm stamped necklace

My mom turned 65 over the weekend, and to celebrate, my sister’s and I threw her a little party. The guest lists consisted of my two sisters, my mom, my mom’s sister, my mom’s ex-sister-in-law (yes, its complicated, but when you divorce do you have to divorce your favorite sister-in-law?) and two cousins-in-law. Basically just the girls. We had a wonderful time, laughing, eating and drinking coffee.
When it was time for the birthday gifts, my sisters and I surprised our mom with a piece of jewelry. Not just any jewelry, but a hand made silver charm necklace spelling out each of my mother’s daughter’s names with their children’s names on each charm respectively.
I am absolutely a mom who tries to buy mom made items as often as possible. So when my sister presented this same style charm necklace to me for Christmas, I knew I would be shopping for some in the future. Beth Philbin is the owner of Heart on Your Wrist, a fabulous little company in Northern California. Stop by her website and see it all for yourself!

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Abigail @ Piece of Cake