I Can’t Live Without My New Camera Strap!

Picture this… Christmas morning, had lots of coffee, eaten my fill of yummy breakfast casserole, waiting anxiously, holding my breath to open a gift from… my in-laws.


Generally speaking, I would have to say that the typical in-law may not know you well enough to pick out something that is, let’s say, appropriate. I really lucked out though. My husband’s parents are a couple of gems! That is why I wasn’t nervous or worried about my gift, but really excited to see what I got!

A new super cool camera strap! I didn’t even know I wanted one until I opened that box and saw the beautiful turquoise blue and chocolate brown contemporary floral design. And the look of it isn’t even the best part. Wait until you feel for yourself the inside of the strap, the part that touches the skin on your neck. I don’t have any idea what that fabric is… faux fir? velvet? velour? the soft underbelly of a disemboweled Tickle Me Elmo? (was that too far?)


As it turns out, this is no ordinary mass produced camera strap. A woman named Gabriela Marrosu from My Funky Camera, hand makes each and every one of her camera accessories (apparently, she used to make baby gifts? and maybe that is why the neck strap is so soft and kind on your skin). Just so you know, her neck straps are well priced at around $32 (plus shipping I’m sure) with a veritable plethora of fabric patterns to choose from.

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