I Can’t Live Without Baby Einstein DVDs!

Baby Einstein DVDs MomSpark.net

I really can’t!  I would not be able to make dinner or clean house without it!  I don’t know what it is that my baby likes, but he is totally mesmerized by it.  They are like magic.  His favorite thing to do is sit in his chair, play with toys and watch a Baby Einstein dvd! (don’t worry, I don’t let him do this all day!)  I was able to get this 26 dvd set on eBay for an AWESOME price.

I haven’t seen this set in stores, but you can buy them individually or in smaller box sets. Some of his favorite dvds in the collection are Baby Mozart, Baby Neptune and Baby MacDonald.(he loves this one best)  If you have a baby 6 months or older, you must have these dvds!  I never had these for my first born and I wish I had.  They are not only entertaining, but educational, so you don’t feel like your baby’s brain is wasting away while you’re preparing dinner.