I Can’t Live Without Instant Button for Jeans!

Moms are truly the best inventors.  They understand us and make our lives easier. I have found THE mom invention that I cannot live without!

This new, innovative fashion accessory is called the Instant Button for Jeans and it will change the relationship you have with denim.  It is an easy-to-install removable button that instantly and seamlessly alters the waistband up to one and a half sizes WITHOUT requiring a belt or an alteration!  It is perfect for those going through weight loss, are in-between sizes, have a gap between the body and the back of the waistband or have jeans with buttons popped off.

After having my second child a year ago, I’m still having trouble squeezing into some of pre-pregnancy jeans, but with the Instant Button for Jeans, I can actually wear them comfortably.  It looks and feel like a real button and I don’t even feel it when it on.  It’s a great alternative to those, like me, who cannot afford to purchase new jeans or pay for alterations. Inserting the button is similar to putting on a earring-super easy.  Each set comes in two sizes, 6mm and 8mm, to accommodate the thickness of your jeans.

After trying out Instant Button for Jeans, come back here and tell me what you think!