I Can’t Live Without My Garmin GPS!

garmin gps nuvi 260w for Momspark review
I have quite possibly the worst sense of direction. I have been known to get lost even with MapQuest directions. I certainly can get lost on the way home as I try to reconfigure my “going to my destination” MapQuest directions in to my “going home” directions. Pre-MapQuest I kept a pile of Post-It notes in the glove compartment for all the places I needed to visit. I recall on three separate occasions getting lost on the way to the shopping mall. Three times!

I had pretty much resigned myself to getting lost for the next I don’t know how many years when my in laws offered to buy me a GPS device. I was so excited at the prospect of this device. No more getting lost for me!

I did my preliminary research on GPS devices the way I do before I purchase a product: I check out Consumer Reports. I have subscribed to CR since the early 90s. CR has not failed me, yet. The reviews are coherent, extensive, and to the point. CR recommended the Garmin
nuvi devices.

Armed with this information I set out to obtain a Garmin device the day after Thanksgiving. I arrived at best Buy by 10 a.m. I’m not an early riser by any means, but I did not get lost getting to Best Buy, at least. Best Buy had a Garmin GPS device at a great price, but the device did not have “spoken” directions. I had a feeling that I might need spoken directions. I found a device with more features for about $100 less than the regular price. The Garmini nuvi 260w is quite simply a wondrous device…cue angels singing.

With the Garmini nuvi 260w it is very easy to read the map on the color screen, which measures 3.81″ (w) by 2.25″ (h). The progress of your vehicle towards its destination is shown on the screen. The device clips in to a bracket, which fastens to the windscreen or dashboard with a suction cup. I used the Garmin once attached to the windscreen and once I placed it on the passenger seat. I found that I did not need to see it as the directions are “spoken” by a computer-generated, female voice. The voice was clear and easily understandable. Once when I missed my turning the “voice” reminded me to turn back. On another occasion I missed my turn to go home and the GPS recalibrated my drive home.

Again, I heard those angels singing. As GPS is my witness I shall never be lost again.

by Jill