I Can’t Live Without This My Tassimo Coffee Maker!

Tassimo coffee maker MomSpark.net
I can’t live without coffee. I can’t, I’ve tried. I’m not picky either, I’ll drink vending machine coffee, Starbucks, instant, in the pot 8 hours old or from IHOP, doesn’t matter I need it.

You get the picture.

So 3 years ago when I discovered there was such a thing as the Tassimo Coffee Maker, you better believe I high-tailed it to the store. Well, not me, my husband went to get me one as my Christmas gift.

Can I just say, I LOVE this thing! No more burnt coffee taste or smell, no more grounds all over the countertop, no more waiting for the 10 cups to finish brewing. When I want coffee, I turn the machine on, put in a disc and wait for the green light. When the light turns green, I push the button and less than 30 seconds later, I have my coffee. Or tea, or hot chocolate, or latte, or espresso, or cappuccino or chai latte, or macchiato, or decaf. I have a choice of everything from Maxwell House to Starbucks and everything in between.

I even brought my precious Tassimo to my book club meeting, and provided custom beverages for my fellow Don Quixote readers. I wanted to bring it camping with us last year, but I was strictly forbidden for some reason.

These fabulous machines are sold in a multitude of places; online at Amazon, or you can buy one in a real store like Linens n Things or Target (from $99 to $170). The T-disks are also sold at these places, I’ve even seen them in my supermarket (the disks range from $10.99 for 12 Starbucks disks, to $4.99 for 8 green tea disks).

Now, if you will excuse me, all this talk is making me drool. I need to go make some coffee.
ps- The mug in the photo is one my mom made for me in 1977, when I was only 6 years old. Do you think she may have had a premonition?