Save When Shopping Online with Shopswell

If you’ve been a Mom Spark reader for a little while now, then you probably know how much I love shopping online. I love finding good deals and browsing around, especially when I’m redecorating or picking out new gadget for my kitchen. I also love sharing them with friends online — share the love, yeah?

Save When Shopping Online with Shopswell

Recently, I signed up for an account with Shopswell, which is a really handy site for a) online shopping, b) scoring awesome deals, and c) earning money for doing so. (Seriously!) Shopswell is like the beautiful child of your favorite coupon site and Pinterest — think of it like Pinterest for shopping and you’ll be totally jazzed about it!

How many times have you seen something on Pinterest that you wanted to buy… only to realize the link was broken, or lead to a sold out product, or didn’t have a link at all? Infuriating! I love curating boards on Pinterest, and now with Shopswell, I can do the same sort of product-hunting and saving online — but with the chance to earn cash while doing it. Very cool.

The very best things about Shopswell in a nutshell:

  • You can build a community of friends who have similar tastes and whose input you trust in your shopping process. With awesome recommendations that you can trust, you’ve just won half the battle of online shopping and comparison.
  • Shopswell knows when there’s a price drop. Did you know prices online can drop up to 30% on an item within just one week? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to chase around those deals hoping to strike it rich! Shopswell is brilliant and knows that you’ll want to hear about that tablet going on sale or that new sofa dropping $100 — and you’ll be alerted without having to lift a finger. LOVE IT.
  • It’s fun to browse the different categories like Top Deals, Latest, Popular, Product Lists to check out what other folks in the community are searching for and sharing at any given time. You never know what you might find! Personally, I love checking out the Product Lists section because you get to see the full list (or board, if you’re thinking of it like Pinterest) so that you can see if your style vibes with someone else. When I see a list about geeky gadgets or coffee… you know I’m going to give them a follow!

The first list I’ve made is called My Kitchen Dreams, which contains — you guessed it — all of the goodies I want to see in my kitchen in the near future. Check it out!

I know we’re all in back to school mode right now, but you should whip up some cool Shopswell lists right now and start tracking some of the gifts you want to give this holiday season. When you see those prices drop, that’ll be the time to swoop in!

Shop. Share. Win.

Now, let’s get back to the part where you can earn cash for curating your own Shopswell lists! Each month, they’ll be giving away a total of $10,000 in their #TenKGiveaway contest.

They believe you should not only find awesome products and deals on their site — but you should also be rewarded for it! You can earn credits by creating helpful content, like lists, leaving comments, videos, and reviews on lists and products, and by curating the comments, reviews, and videos of others. When you share, you’ll also earn credits. Always make sure you logged in, and then earn credits by sharing lists, deals, and price-drops, inviting cool new people to the community, and using your custom link to share any page!

Click here to find out more about how to play (and earn money!) with Shopswell’s #TenKGiveaway! Be sure to pop over to the current leaderboard (updated every 24 hours around midnight PST) to see who is at the top of the list right now!

Save When Shopping Online with Shopswell

Shopswell is the smarter way to shop online — and it’s actually fun! Try it out and be sure to follow me, @amy_bellgardt!

This post is sponsored by Shopswell.