School is Almost Here, Are You Ready?

back to school season

BACK TO SCHOOL.  That is right…I’m ready to talk about it.

With summer comes flexible schedules, non-regulated bedtimes, breakfast at anytime, lunch at anytime, wake-up at anytime…you get the point.  Preparing our kids now will really help with the school transition in a few weeks.

Ideas to for getting back into the school routine:

  • Have a set bedtime. Try to adjust in small increments over the next few weeks to get back into a school night bedtime.
  • Talk to your kids about the importance of eating breakfast before school. It is difficult for some children to eat soon after waking up (it is for me, too!) in the morning, so perhaps allow more time in the morning for eating.
  • Create a study time during the day to acclimate children for school work and homework. It doesn’t have to be long or intense. Workbooks, reading books or worksheets work great for this time. The idea is to warm up the brain for school!
  • Talk to your kids as to what to expect when they come home from school by making a schedule that includes snacks, homework, playtime, etc. Make sure they know what to expect, but leave room for adjustment.

Do you have any back to school advice?