“Secret of the Wings” Behind the Scenes! #DisneyInHomeBloggers

During the #DisneyInHomeBloggers event, I had the pleasure of visiting Disneytoon Studios for a behind the scenes tour of the making of “Secret of the Wings”. Here is a walk through my exciting day!


Our first stop at Disneytoon Studios was seeing the “Secret of the Wings” movie. Having boys, I was a newbie to the Disney fairy movies, but I absolutely loved it. See my full review of “Secret of the Wings”.


Next up, we met Audio Engineer Paul McGrath, who is responsible for the actor voiceovers that you hear in “Secret of the Wings”. Paul showed us how the process works and even gave us bloggers a chance to try it out for ourselves! Being an ex-puppeteer who has a tiny bit of experience with voiceover work, I really loved the opportunity to voice Tinker Bell! It is much more difficult lining up a voice with lip movements than you would think, and Paul is a total rock star for making it all work.


After our voiceover tour, we headed to an interview with “Secret of the Wings” Director Peggy Holmes and Producer Michael Wigert. My question for the duo was, “Where did you get the name Periwinkle?” Peggy Holmes smiled and explained how they were looking for something that described the cold, blue world of the Winter Woods and Periwinkle was the perfect fit. Peggy was also responsible for many of the body movements of the fairies, as she is a dance instructor as well. Who knew?


One of the elements I was most impressed with after viewing “Secret of the Wings” was the fairy wing animation. Having a husband who tinkers in animation, I know how difficult it is to create objects that are iridescent AND move. Our visit with animators Fred Warter and Nickie Huai was special as they gave us a sneak peek behind the process of animating the wings. They explained that it took a ton of trial and error to achieve the look they wanted. The end result is simply stunning!


Our last stop of the “Secret of the Wings” tour was spent with Ritsuko Notani, who is the artist behind Periwinkle. Ritsuko walked us through the steps of drawing Periwinkle, and let’s just say, I’m no Ritsuko Notani. Check it out:

“Secret of the Wings” is full of heart, adventure and action, so make sure you pick up a Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack/DVD/Digital copy in stores today!

Disclosure: Disney covered my travel, accommodations and activities during my stay in Los Angeles for the #DisneyInHomeBloggers event. I also received a “Secret of the Wings” Blu-Ray Combo Pack. All images are property of Mom Spark and Disney.