Shi Shu Baby Snuggler Review

Remember all of those baby blankets you received at your shower that were itchy, scratchy and even broke your newborn’s skin out?  I personally have a whole drawer full of unused baby blankets, which are mostly made from microfiber and polyester blends.  Is it possible to have a soft, cozy blanket made from natural materials?  Obviously, cotton is a soft, natural alternative, but did you know bamboo is as well?  I didn’t either until I tried out the Shi Shu Snuggler!

yhst-76375670582277_2036_115092.jpegShi Shu blankets and snugglers were created by mom, Tamre Sutphen, who was fed up when her “son’s favorite blanket caused him to break out in a rash.”  She set out to design a natural alternative blanket that was eco-friendly and could breathe. Her research determined that bamboo would be a great solution, since it is a natural antibacterial.  She traveled to India, where blankets are handwoven and trimmed in bamboo sateen, perfect for a baby’s touch.

The baby blankets measure 30 by 40 inches, which is large enough to wrap your baby up warmly.  I was able to try out the Snuggler, which measures 16 by 16 inches and is great for taking on short trips to the store, play dates and more.  The blankets and snugglers are made with 60% cotton and 40% bamboo.  I was very surprised that bamboo provided such a soft, cozy material.  My son, 13 months, instantly started carrying the little Snuggler around and still loves to play with it! (especially by placing it on his head)  They come in many soothing colors like blue, pink, lemon and celedon.

Shi Shu’s material is so unique that their bigger throw, designed for their Shi Shu Home line, was included in the 66th Golden Globe Awards gift bags!  How cool is that?

I love the idea of a eco-friendly, natural option for baby blankets and consider it a wise investment for your baby.  The Shi Shu Baby Blankets are $88.00 and the Snugglers are $29.