Shower Hug Product Review

I don’t do many reviews,  but I actually ASKED for this review because I was so intrigued by the product…and I am very happy that I did! I want to thank both Alaina Tonelli at Belmama & Cherub and Amy at MomSpark & Mom Made That! for the opportunity to review this product!

The Shower Hug is designed for use in pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.  Since I am TWO of those three things I thought it would be perfect!!  I am roughly 37 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 20 mo.  I was doing really well until a few weeks ago and then the soreness set in.  I’m back to feeling like I did when I first began breastfeeding.  If you’ve ever breastfed, you know what I mean…if you haven’t…don’t let ANYONE tell you its easy…because at the beginning, it is not.

One of the worst feelings is being exhausted and trying to find time to take a shower…then, when you finally get in the shower…to realize you are in pain because the force of the water hitting your breasts is so incredibly painful.  It’s ridiculous.  You spend half of the shower trying to cover up and protect yourself from the force of the water and end up not feeling refreshed when you are finished.

Enter: The Shower Hug.  This is a wrap around “towel” that Velcros in front of you.  You can wear this in the shower, to bed (awesome alternative to wearing a bra to bed…and it helps to prevent leaking) or even as protection for your incision if you have a c-section.

I was skeptical of the ability of the ShowerHug materials to be both soft and NOT stretch out when it got wet in the shower…but it fulfilled both beautifully.  The Shower Hug is made of an 80% Organic Cotton/20% EcoSpun blend that is super soft.  There is a 4″ Velcro closure that allows for changes in your bust line throughout Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding.  The Velcro is an ultra low profile velcro that won’t scratch you, baby, or snag on your clothes.

There are just a handful of products that I think you MUST have as the Mommy of a newborn… this is one of them!  I am SO sorry that I didn’t know about it with my first two babies!

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