Signs You May Need a Social Media Break

Mom Made That!Mom Made That!Mom Made That!Mom Made That!Mom Made That!

1. You only eat at restaurants that have free WiFi.

2. You can no longer remember your childrens’ names, and simply call them DS1, DS2 and DD1. In real life.

3. You get misty-eyed at the mere thought of a new i-Phone app for Twitter.

4. Every time  you sign your name you put an @ symbol in front of it.

5. The only news you get is from your friends’ Facebook updates. “Tom is tired,” is not really news.

6. When your mother calls and asks how you are, you tell her to watch your YouTube channel.

7. Your kids leave comments on your blog like, “Feed me, I’m hungry” and “I ran out of clean underwear last week.”

8. The first thing you do in the morning is check your email, your blog, your feedreader, your Twitter account, your FriendFeed account, your LinkedIn account, your Whrrl account, your Facebook account and the 23 Ning networks you belong to. It’s noon already? Where did the time go?

9. Your self-esteem takes a hit every time you lose a subscriber or a follower.

10. The most intimate thing you’ve said to your husband in weeks is, “DM me.”