Smart Toys for Newborns

Tiny Love Frog Kick Car Seat Toy

Starting at day one, children have the ability to explore, discover, and learn which is why it’s so important to surround them with a collection of interactive toys and activities on a regular basis. Rather than feeling bombarded by TV commercials, magazine advertisements, and fancy displays featuring every type of toy on the market, let’s take the time to review a few smart options that are great to invest in during your newborn’s development.

One accessory to focus on in your baby’s nursery is the crib mobile as your child will spend a great deal of time observing this overhanging toy. Soft musical notes coupled with an oscillating array of cute stuffed animals will provide audio and visual stimulation while they begin to ease off to sleep. Mobiles for cribs and changing tables usually are designed based on a specific theme but it’s important to look for one that includes a number of different shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors to give your baby a variation of objects to discover.

When babies are ready to venture out of their cribs, place them in front of a play set that will encourage their motor and verbal skills. Interactive toy sets that include soft play mats and hanging toys will keep your baby entertained and energetic for many hours throughout the day. Since newborns lack the ability to travel too far across the room, larger play sets that act as the baby’s own “environment” will hold your child’s attention for a longer period of time rather than toys that can be tossed or rolled away easily. Play sets that include unbreakable mirrors or reflective surfaces are great options as they provide one of your baby’s favorite things to look at: their own face! Newborns will be able to track and focus on images, discover new faces, and spend some quality time with you during this fun game.

Whenever your baby has some downtime while you’re off on your errands, it’s great to fill that space with an interactive toy that can be clipped to their car seat or placed on the back of the seat in front of them. Musical mobiles and motion activated kick pads are developmentally stimulating for your child and are sure to keep your little ones happy even for those long car rides.