Spa-Inspired Gifts For Holiday Stockings

Friends, I am experiencing a bit of a panic.

Christmas is this week and I am nowhere near done with holiday shopping for gifts – yikes! I’m normally not such a last-minute shopper, but this month has proved to be one of the busiest ones that I’ve ever had.

So, because I am so behind on gifting, I’ve been trying to come up with some good ideas that aren’t fussy or stressful to put together.

I personally love receiving gifts that are somewhat practical, but also pamper me a bit. This thought inspired me to create some ideas around a holiday stocking full of spa items! This would make a perfect gift for my mother-in-law or one of my girlfriends. Or perhaps myself – ha!


Ideas for a “spa stocking” include:

  • fun nail polish
    lightly scented candle
    stylish hairbrush
    bath salts
    Caress® Daily Silk™ Body Wash and Body Bars

I recently purchased Caress Daily Silk Body Wash and Body Bars at my local Sam’s Club and it makes the perfect addition to my spa stocking.


With three scents – Daily Silk, Emerald Rush and Evenly Gorgeous – my skin has felt irresistible with silky-soft skin since using. Even in this dry weather!


Another bonus is that the products are affordable, which makes my spa stocking idea easier to manage!

The recipient of this gift is going to feel great. I can’t wait to hand it over!


Treat your skin to a touch of fine fragrance this holiday season by purchasing Caress Daily Silk Body Wash and Body Bars at Sam’s Club for yourself, friends or family!

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Do you have any additional ideas for my spa stocking? Leave a comment below!

This post is sponsored by Caress.