Sparking A Love Of STEM

Like many high school students of my generation, I felt a little lost at times. Wandering from classroom to classroom, not sure how any of it would serve me in the future, and hoping to find something I’d LOVE so that I’d have some arrow pointing me in the right direction.


One teacher, in particular, stood out as someone who helped me find my place during a time that was so “up in the air”. My high school science teacher was an inspiration. They taught me so much more than the periodic table and how to write notes for my experiments — they taught me to be curious, to ask questions, and to always look for MORE information when faced with the simplest of tasks. I loved their class and I’d always show up eager to dive into whatever it was we were doing that day.

While I never became a scientist, I never forgot the lessons this particular person taught me and to this day I credit them with my lifelong curiosity for all things technical.

Do you have someone in your life who sparked your love for all things STEM — that is, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? My kids have grown up with fairly “geeky” parents, I suppose you could say, so I know we’ve rubbed off on them, but how does science come into your life and the life of your children?


From now until November 25th, Bayer is asking people of all ages to share a “thank you” message at or via social media using #SayTkU to acknowledge someone in their life who has helped to inspire their scientific imagination and who has helped them to make sense of science in their life.

Science is all around us! As a science-based company, Bayer is committed to creating awareness of the importance of science and fostering curiosity, creativity and critical-thinking skills. Making Science Make Sense® (MSMS), Bayer’s company-wide initiative, allows students to learn science by doing science through hands-on, inquiry-based experiences.


Head over to to share your own personalized THANK YOU message to the awesome person in your life, or the life of your children, who have helped to spark the love of science in your lives! For each thank you message shared on the site, Bayer will provide a child with FREE admission to a STEM venue (up to 25,000!), such as a trip to a local science museum to help foster a lifelong curiosity for science with hands-on exploration!


I think it’s so important to foster a lifelong love of science in the lives of our sons and daughters! Start now by sharing your stories and their stories to help others find their own scientific imagination too!

Help inspire science literacy by saying “thank you” to someone who helped foster your curiosity around science. Post a photo with a hand-written “thank you,” a short video or written message to or on your social networks using the hashtag #SayTkU.

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