Summer Survival Tips for Families

If you’ve been following the blog this summer, you know that this is my summer of casual entertaining.

Honestly, at the beginning of the summer I was all about having people over, but at this point, I’m really just hoping to make it through the next couple of months. Summer in Oklahoma is HOT and with a teenager and an almost tween boy I’ve got a lot of time to fill, and a lot of stomachs to feed!

Here are my top 4 survival tips for summer with kids!

Summer Survival Tips for Families

Relax on the Rules

I know, you still want the kids to clean their room and not spend all day on screens. But honestly, summer should have different rules than fall and winter. In the summer, there should be a little more freedom for the kids, which will create just a little more freedom for you, too.

Summer Survival Tips for Families


If you’re lagging and dragging in the summer, it may be dehydration. There are a lot of cute commercials about being hangry (angry and hungry). For me, “thrangy” (thirsty and angry) is a thing, too.

Summer Survival Tips for Families

Keep drinks available for you and your family, and remember, if you’re drinking caffeine or alcohol, you need to counter every alcoholic or caffeinated drink with a glass of water. Keeping healthy and staying cool are necessary when you’re trying to keep up with kids in hot summer months.

Camps for Kids

I know a lot of parents don’t like to fill a schedule for their kids during the summer, but the truth is, three months is a lot of downtime, especially for a high energy kid.

Summer Survival Tips for Families

There are a lot of great day camps and half-day camps out there, not to mention the independence a kid can get from sleep away camp. Take a little time to explore the options in your area and give your kids a break from you and each other.

Don’t Cook from Scratch

Most of us start off the summer with every intention of eating healthy and then before we know it, we’re going through a drive through. Why? Because it takes a lot of energy to make a meal from scratch and on some hot days we just don’t have the energy. So what should you do?

Summer Survival Tips for Families

You may know from my previous posts that one of my top solutions to wanting a good meal without needing to actually cook are Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizzas. They have a thin and crispy crust, and their varieties (Vegetale, Funghi, and Pollo among others) seem gourmet and exotic, but are totally easy to prep (10 minutes at 425), so you aren’t missing out on any fun with the family. If you want to round out the meal a bit, you can also serve it up with a side salad or some veggies.

Summer Survival Tips for Families

By the way, to find Ristorante check out your local supermarket, and if they don’t currently sell Ristorante, you can put in a request with the store manager.

Summer Survival Tips for Families

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Summer Survival Tips for Families

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