Sweet Baby Nursery Designs and Decor

Now that it has been confirmed and confirmed again, I get to start dreaming about everything baby. And everything baby includes nursery!

(note: nursery is in italics because when I say nursery, I don’t say it, I sing it!)

Nursery! Nursery! Nursery!

Okay. It is out of my system. I promise to try and refrain. Italics can get hard to read, some say they even make them dizzy. So for those who are easily dizzied… Nursery.

As of today and according to my Doctor’s best guess I am six weeks and 3 days pregnant. That means I have until July 14th of 2010 to get a nursery ready for our third baby.

That seems like forever away, but when I think about all the work that will have to go into this nursery, it makes me want to start writing lists and shouting commands at my dear, sweet, patient husband.

It is not just decorating a nursery this time around. This time around we will have more babies than we will have rooms. That means we have to transition our youngest, P,  who still sleeps in his crib, into his big brother’s room. Then we have to transition him from his crib into a toddler bed. That way we can transition the crib back into the nursery in time for the baby’s arrival. And all this needs to be done with out making P jealous and resentful of the new baby. Got all that? That is a lot of transitioning! Thirty three weeks and four days… holy shiz. I shouldn’t blogging, I should be Googling transition!

After the transition comes the fun part, designing the nursery. We will be finding out the sex of the baby so obviously that will  play apart in the design style of the room. If it is another boy, I am covered. I have enough blue, boy themed stuff to decorate a room for each of the Duggar boys and maybe even a room or two for the Gosselin boys!

However, if it is a girl I got nothing. Well, nothing but a thousand different ideas.

Time will tell if we will be going pink or blue. For now here is a look at some of the nurseries I covet and look to for inspiration. Note the lack of pink girl rooms…

Rowen’s Urban Safari: First of all, I love giraffes. Second of all I love green. Third, where in the world did they find that fantastic rug! And fourth, I love the curtain panels.

Sweet Baby Nursery Designs and Decor

I love that this room by Me and Wee uses a unique color palate. I also love that it all coordinates with out the feeling of it all coming from a bed in a bag set. I loathe the matchy matchy sets. The room seems like a very calming room despite the bright yellow. However I must add, without some serious black out shades that baby will never sleep with all that beautiful natural light!

And the polar opposite of the previous room is Andrew’s Room: I like this room because of the surprise of the dark chocolate walls. Of course, the polka dots and the name spelled out is adorable and clever, but it is the walls that do it for me. I can’t even imagine how many coats of tinted primer and paint they used to get the walls to look that rich.

and finally:

Sweet Baby Nursery Designs and Decor

Did I mention that I love typography? This room is also from Project Nursery. I can’t say enough how much I love the eclectic letters.

As for girls room, I am stumped. I searched and searched and can’t quite find the nursery that inspires me to go pink! I have ideas of what I like, but not a solid “picture” in my head. So again, send me links of your little princess’s room – Please! It doesn’t have to be pink either, just girly enough to know it isn’t yet another boy’s room!

For now, I will stop searching girls nurseries and start searching “how to transition a toddler into his big brothers room with out scaring either of them for life!”

Wish me luck and happy Googling!