Taking Time Alone During the Holidays

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We all know the jokes and stereotypes about women and how much we love chocolate. I have to admit, for me, most of these statements are true.

I have no shame about it.

There are so many pressures on parents, especially around the holidays, that it can be hard to decompress. When I’m feeling stressed or even a little blue, a bite of chocolate is sometimes all it takes for me to turn things around. I certainly don’t turn to food to solve all of my problems, but sometimes just stopping what I’m doing and having a minute to take a deep breath with a bite of delicious chocolate certainly doesn’t hurt. I think it’s also that eating something I enjoy helps me remember that it’s ok to relax and just be me.

Taking Time Alone During the Holidays

I really like Brookside Dark Chocolates because they come in great, adult flavors, and they’re bite-sized, so that I don’t get carried away and calm myself down too much! I have found that the exotic fruit and berry flavors are delicious, but keep my kids out of my stash of chocolates. The texture of the crunchy clusters is really satisfying, and the whole fruits and nuts varieties let me indulge guilt-free. I love that Brookside Chocolates are dark chocolate, dark chocolate is not as sweet at milk chocolate, which makes it perfect to combine with fruits.

One of my favorite things to do, when I have some time to myself, is cozy up by the fireplace with a warm blanket, a good book, a cup of hot coffee, and Brookside Dark Chocolates. 

Taking Time Alone During the Holidays

Obviously, this isn’t something I get to do too often when my kids are home, but even if I have the house to myself for half an hour or so, it’s a great way to unwind and decompress.

Taking Time Alone During the Holidays

I also like to keep Brookside Chocolates on hand for unexpected guests. They look so pretty in a bowl they make for a perfect last minute appetizer or snack!  

How good does this exotic fruit and dark chocolate look together in this pin!? Mouthwatering right!?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Brookside chocolates?

Taking Time Alone During the Holidays

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