The Gathering of Friends Cookbook Review

“When someone comes to your home and sits at your table and breaks bread with you, your relationship is forever changed.” – The Gathering of Friends, Volume One

I love that quote.  It seems as if we have forgotten the beauty and importance of having meals together with family and friends, and The Gathering of Friends, Volume One and Two has reconfirmed my love of gatherings.


The Gathering of Friends, Volume One,  by Michelle Huxtable and  Alyse Christensen, shares delicious recipes as well as ideas on decorating and shopping for successful breakfast, lunch or dinner gatherings.  Different themed parties are organized throughout the book with ideas including “An Enchanted Evening”, “Autumn Gathering”, “Supper with Friends”, “An Afternoon with Friends” and “Cookie Friendz”.  The decor and cuisine remind me of the ambiance of a bed and breakfast, which is warm and comforting.  After each gathering theme there is a shopping list already provided!  How nice is that?  The book is also rectangular and spiral bound, so it’s perfect for putting for guests to sign and leave comments during the gathering!


The Gathering of Friends, Volume One and Two, by Michelle Huxtable, is organized by weekly gatherings that suggests meals for each night of the week.  As in the Volume One, the images are full of dressed up and plated tables with delicious recipes.  In addition to the weekly gathering plans, The book also includes “Effortless Dishes”, “Savory Beginnings”, “Wholesome Soups from the Kitchen” and more.  Some of my favorite recipes from this volume include Ginger Glazed Salmon, Sweet & Sour Chicken, and Potato Bacon Soup.  After each week’s suggestions, a shopping list is included.  I love that these books do the lists for us!

Please see my video so you can take a peek into the book yourself!


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