The Ultimate Back to School Checklist – Free Printable!

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The first day of school is sneaking up on me so fast that I sometimes wonder where in the world did the time go. But, with the upcoming school year being my thirteenth back to school season, I’m more prepared than ever.

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist - Free Printable!

It’s definitely been a lot of trial and error when figuring out what needs to be done in preparation for the first day of school. And also what’s not being done that should be completed to avoid a frenzy.

I noticed that after a while I was getting into the groove of the standard back to school checklist items like school supply shopping and washing all of the lunchbox items. What I hadn’t even realized is that we weren’t planning for the last minute fun that comes with the territory of the summer coming to an end.

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist - Free Printable!

With the first day of school being one month away, my boys and I are starting the back to school countdown to get all the fun and functional tasks done in time.


  1. See A Fun Summer Movie
  2. Go to the Pool
  3. Explore a Museum
  4. Build a Pillow Fort
  5. Have a Picnic on the Floor
  6. Go Out as a Family for Froyo
  7. Plan a Barbecue
  8. Make Fun Popsicles
  9. Take a Quick Road Trip
  10. Visit a Local Landmark


  1. Go Back to School Clothes Shopping
  2. Go School Supply Shopping
  3. Make a Family Command Center
  4. Prep School Snack Station
  5. Create A Homework Station
  6. Do All the Laundry
  7. Clean the Countertops with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes
  8. Wash All Lunchbox Items
  9. Toss Clorox® On-The-Go Wipes in the Car
  10. Establish a Bedtime and Morning Routine

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist - Free Printable!*Bonus Checklist Item: Save money and help a classroom in need while shopping for back to school supplies by participating in Clorox’s receipt validation program. For every $5 worth of qualifying Clorox® and Glad® products purchased*, you save $1 and the Clorox Company will donate $1 to classrooms in need through Go to to get started!

*Up to $5, delivered via Paypal credit.

It’s really important to my family to begin the new school year on a fresh, clean slate, so we always enjoy wiping down surfaces, like the counter-tops, with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes since they help kill 99.9% of germs, creating a healthy work space to take on class projects and homework.

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist - Free Printable!


The Ultimate Back to School Checklist - Free Printable!

My family and I are excited to be a part of the continued partnership between Clorox and, the leading platform for giving to public schools. It was thrilling to learn that last year alone, they funded nearly 800 projects and reached more than 57,300 students. It’s so important to help make it possible for every student and teacher in need to have a clean, healthy classroom environment each year.