Fantastic Halloween Costume Ideas and Styles for Kids.

It’s that time of year again! My little one has gone back and forth between wanting to be a bunny… and at least 20 other costumes, but we’re sticking with bunny on this one. A fluffy white bunny with a puff-ball tail (which I will make from a shower loufa!) When I was a little girl I can remember my mother making costumes for me… a black cat one year, an elaborately decorated queen the next, a pirate & more. To this day I still get really excited about dressing up for Halloween!

In case you’ve got tots who aren’t 100% decided on what they’d like to dress up as… here are some more super cute ideas! Enjoy!

lumberjack halloween costume diy

Hello, tiny lumberjack!

Edward Scissorhands halloween costume

This pint-sized Edward Scissorhands is just incredible!

bear halloween costume

See more from this awesome charity photoshoot for more great snaps.

Hunger Games halloween costume

Any Hunger Games fans in the audience?

R2D2 diy halloween costume

R2D2 cute!

pirate halloween costumes


What will your little one be dressed up as this Halloween? Do you dress up to take your kiddos trick-or-treating?

Note: Last year, my daughter dressed up as Christopher Robin, the year before she was Yoda (with a mama made Yoda hat!), and for her very first Halloween, she was Chewbacca. We’re big nerds over here, can you tell?

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