Top 10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists are Dumb


You know what I’m talking about.  Those “Top 10 Bloggers” list that we try not to care about, but do. Here is why I think they are dumb.

10. They are biased. Writers of “Top 10” lists already have their favorites and stick to those.

9. They are repackaged. Many lists are just copied/pasted from other lists.  It’s an epidemic.

8. They are inaccurate. There are just too many bloggers to only choose 10 great ones.  Plain and simple.

7. They create drama. Awarding one blogger for their success is one thing, naming 10 or more for being “better than the rest” is another. It isn’t pretty.

6. They create doubt. Bloggers who never make “the list” start to doubt their work, even if they have been in the scene for years.

5. They are a false measurement. Lists do not equal success, yet they hold a lot of weight.

4. They isolate those on the list. Bloggers who do make the list are instantly isolated from the rest, whether they want to be or not.

3. They create a false hope. “One day I’ll be on that list, by golly!”

2. The glory goes the author. The author of the list gets more traffic than the bloggers listed.

and the number 1 reason why “top 10 lists are dumb” is…..

1. They give bloggers an ego. A blogger with an ego is not cool. It should be avoided at all costs.