Use a Reusable Bag at Target and CVS to Save Money

Use a Reusable Bag at Target and CVS to save Money

Do you shop at Target or CVS? If you do now you can Save even more AND help the environment. A win/win situation in my opinion. Starting November 1st at any Target if you bring in and use a reusable bag you get 5 cents off your total purchase for every bag. Now when I go grocery shopping we use at least 20 bags so that would be at least $1 off. The only bag you can not use at Target are regular plastic bags, but all others will be accepted.

The CVS incentive program is a little different. It will only be available for those customers in the ExtraCare loyalty program. You also will have to buy the 99 cent “GreenTagBag”. Then every time you come in and use either a reusable bag or don’t use a bag at all you swipe your tag. After 4 swipes you will receive a coupon on the bottom of your receipt for $1 off your next trip.

It may not amount to much, but it’s also helping us lower the plastic bags in the landfill. I know I personally will start making sure to use those reusable bags.