How to Use Scotch Tape for Scrapbooking Crafts

What is your all-time favorite craft?  Before my life became crazy busy, I loved scrapbooking vacations, special occasions or just simple family moments caught on film.  Below are some snippets of a Mom Spark scrapbooking post favorite that includes smart tips and tricks for recording special moments with your children.

1. Take a photo of your children with their artwork. Snap photos of your children painting, drawing or making crafts.

2. Use hand prints as embellishments. Use handprint art from school or create special handprint projects at home to include in your scrapbook.

3. Use the silly things children say as a title or for journaling. It may only make sense to your family, but that is okay!  You’ll never forget it.

4.Take a photo of your children making a special project holiday project. Some of the best memories come from the holiday season.  Share a gift wish list, home holiday decorations or holiday cards.

Wesley's letter to Santa:2006

5. Use something fun that your child made to prepare for a vacation or other important event. Share a vacation “countdown” to a major event or what your child packed in their suitcase!