VTech Phone Review & Giveaway

How do you write a review about something you use every single day, something that becomes part of second nature to use, something that you don’t even think about when using? It’s hard, I tell ya!

I bet 99% of the nation uses a phone to communicate at least 10 times a day and we don’t think about the features of a home phone. We just want the accessories in our mobile phones. But, VTech has been creating home phones that can make any gadget guru pause in awe. I know I did (and so did my 6 year old son). I mean, just check out the mod graphics on the LS6217 (yeah, even the name is techie)!

The LS6217 sportsย  DECT 6.0 Digital technology that provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones, changeable color plates and backplate graphics, as well as much needed digital security. It’s also Energy Star qualified, is WiFi friendly (super important, right?), and can store up to 50 numbers.

What is my favorite feature? The colors…I changed mine right away to orange. Love it.

Review by Marcie Pickelsimer, who also writes at Grown in My Heart, an adoption network and is soon to launch Fox Valley Mamas, a community website.