WAY Easy Chocolate Coffee Mousse Recipe

There is something about the holiday season that inspires me to try new recipes that I’ve never tackled before. Maybe it’s sights and scents of the season, or just the fact that I have extra time off, I’m not sure. I just love spending time in the kitchen this time of year!

Saying that, it is easy to overspend on recipe ingredients at the grocery store, and I certainly don’t want to use up all of my budget on food when I have last-minute gifts to buy.

In fact, I have already put together a delicious and WAY EASY recipe for a chocolate coffee mousse that is TO DIE FOR. This was my first time making a chocolate mousse and I was so nervous that it wouldn’t turn out! However, after a ton of research online reviewing and tasting several recipes, I found this combination to be the easiest and tastiest.

WAY Easy Chocolate Coffee Mousse Recipe

I used Gevalia Coffee as my coffee ingredient, which really enhances the chocolate flavor without being too overpowering. Even non-coffee drinkers will enjoy this recipe!

WAY Easy Chocolate Coffee Mousse Recipe

So, let’s get right down to it!

WAY Easy Chocolate Coffee Mousse

Yield: 4 large servings, 8-10 small servings

Prep Time: 15-20 minutes

Total Time: 2-2.5 hours, includes chilling in refrigerator


6 oz semi-sweet chocolate
2 tbsp brewed Gevalia® Coffee
1 cup milk (I used 2%)
2 eggs
4 tbsp butter


1. Drop the semi-sweet chocolate in a blender.
2. Using a small to medium pot, heat up the coffee, milk and butter until the milk starts to bubble.
3. Pour the hot liquid mixture into the blender (where the chocolate in waiting). Blend together until all ingredients are dissolved and smooth.
4. Add eggs to mixture and blend again until lumps are entirely gone.
5. Chill for a couple hours in individual bowls or one large bowl.