Ways To Wear A Rainbow!

There’s a lot of love happening for rainbows right no (yay!!) so let’s share it — and wear it! Here are some cute ways to wear a rainbow this season and spread the love!

Ways To Wear A Rainbow

Rainbow Beach Jumper

Super cute. Super 80s. Gotta have it! I want to snuggle up in this sweater at the trailer, while I sip my morning coffee and read a book on the porch. Delightful!

Rainbow Fringe Bib Necklace

A bit of rainbow awesomeness for your neckline. Pair it with something simple — everyone will be wanting to know where you got it!

Chevron Rainbow Dress

Now this is rainbow! Greet the sun with a burst of colour and a smile on your face! I love this chevron take and it’s perfect for date night or just when you want to feel fabulous!

Rainbow Maxi

This dress is a total splurge, let’s be honest, but look how pretty it is!! I would feel like a total goddess wearing this flowing, rainbow maxi dress!

Felted Rainbow Handbag

I’m so amazed by the works of art people can make by felting — it’s stunning! This handbag definitely took some love and care to create. You’ll get a LOT of questions about this one!

Rainbow With Me Jeans

This makes me want to watch old episodes of That 70s Shows… which coincidentally may be on Netflix right now. Sweet.

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