What are the Keys to a Long-Lasting Marriage?

the Keys to a Long-Lasting Marriage momspark.net

Today marks 13 years of marriage for my husband and I.  Not to sound cliche, but I cannot believe 13 years have passed by so quickly. It has been a crazy, awesome ride to say the least.

We are often asked how we were able to make it work for so long, and honestly, I never really analyzed it until now. Like any relationship, it hasn’t always been peachy and perfect, but I never expected it would be. Humans are imperfect and so is the world. Marriage is no different.

So, what has been the key to our happy marriage? My husband and I talked about this in depth last weekend as we celebrated our anniversary at a local restaurant.  We kept circling back to the same topics.


Yes, having the same core values regarding faith, parenting and money has played a huge role in the success of our marriage, as it would any. Our our head-over-heels love for each other surely doesn’t hurt either.  You would think that would be enough, right?  Not quite.

What if my husband laughed at my idea of creating a blog?  What if I said “no” when he wanted to start a jingle writing business from our second bedroom or wouldn’t let him practice with his rock band?  What if we never supportive those “crazy ideas”?

I can tell you how we would have both felt.  Stifled.  Suffocated.  Sad.

No, instead, we decided long ago that we would support, encourage and trust one another with anything, as long as it didn’t hurt the other.  Multiple business opportunities and amazing experiences later, we are still living with this mantra and it has proved perfect for us.  I have no doubt that this has been key to our 13 years of marriage.

the Keys to a Long-Lasting Marriage momspark.net

Here’s to 13 years and many more.

What is the glue that holds your marriage together?  Share in our comments.